Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Restoring Faith-a poem

I am broken in this moment
Build me up so I can breathe
And though I feel this fear
I know you will never leave

When I am weak and lost
You are there to help me through
You shine the light in darkness
And turn the grey skies blue

Even in the deepest silence
You are right beside me
If I turn to you and trust
You can set this captive free

Your words heal all my hurts
As I live in your embrace
All I will ever need is You
To fill me with your grace

And as I look to You
I will gratefully obey
The one who gives
And also takes away

And even though I grieve
The loss of one so dear
I believe in restoration
When heaven is finally here

I wrote this poem about how my faith has sustained me through the death of my son.