Thursday, April 30, 2015

Temporary Bandage-A Poem of Contemplation

Time stands still
As I wait on the other side
To finally hold you again
If I could forget my loss
Long enough to remember
All that you had been

Trivial tokens mean so much
Once the passing of you
Became so resolute 
Denial kept me hidden
Pretending you weren't gone
Often took root

Focusing on anything else
Temporary bandages
Meant to alleviate the pain
But nothing can fix
The broken remnants
Of what I used to gain

Translucent memories
Shifting through my mind
Like sand in an hourglass
Tried to weave through it
But not enough moments
To help with the past

Looking for comfort
From all those that offer
But nothing can aid
Only the one who created
Who holds us all
Can end the suffrage made

One day we will be reunited
And in that moment
Oh the joy I will feel
For you are waiting for me
As I am waiting for you
Oh, to be able to wholly heal